My beliefs in education are primarily based in existentialism. The essence of education is an overall growth of knowledge and skills discovered through choice that centers on strong moral principles; where the learner is a unique, free choosing, and responsible creature made up of intellect and emotion.

Education should provide students with a passionate encounter with the problems of life, the agony and joy of love, reality of choice, anguish of freedom, consequences of actions, and the inevitability of physical death. Where the needs of man are variable, education should also allow developing of the individual differences in students. The environment of education should be centered on morals, should be one that encourages the growth of free, creative individuality, not adjustment to group thinking or the public norms. It should also be life itself, where students can experience living-not prepare for it.

The goal of education should be on growth, through the reconstruction of experience, and should be the open-ended goal, and can be presented with a framework of knowledge for the student against which new truths can be gathered and assimilated. The main concern of the school should provide each student with assistance in his journey toward self-realization through educating the “whole child,” centering its attention on all the needs and interests of the child while sharing and exploring strong morals.

The atmosphere of the school should be one of real freedom where a student is allowed to find his own truth and ultimate fulfillment through non-comforting choice making and also foster individuality in an atmosphere of creativity. Appropriate learning occurs as the student freely engages in choosing among alternatives while weighing personal responsibilities and the possible consequences of his actions.

The teacher should present morals, principles and values and the reasons for them, encouraging students to examine them in order to choose for themselves whether or not to accept them. The curriculum should concentrate on the humanities, history, literature, philosophy, art, and music-where greater depth into the nature of man and his conflict with the world are revealed. The basic fundamental knowledge and skills will continue to grow out of the passionate choices made by each individual student.

The preferred teaching method would be the Socratic dialogue (drawing response from a questioning conversation) should be the preferred method for finding the self through demonstration. In the utopian situation grades and assessments will not be needed nonetheless my more realistic beliefs are that each student should be assessed on individual growth and overall participation.

My beliefs are based in existentialism with a few crossovers to progressivism. In general, education should focus on student’s growth by allowing them to reach their fullest potential as a whole person, to foster reflection, develop a strong self-concept, emphasize personal development, and underline truth and morals. Students should be free to explore and learn for themselves (a type of self-discovery in a non-restrictive manner), however, given some structure by framing general concepts.

A school of thought working toward transcendental thinking, meditation, knowing oneself, and that the individual is the source of all reality. Based on the understanding that everything is perception, there is no absolute knowledge. This idea is built from the chaos theory, that there is no such thing as linear thought, a cause and effect, because everything happens for a reason and effects everything else. Education should be structured around the morals of compassion, wholeness, connectedness, inclusion, justice, peace, freedom, trust, empowerment, community and love.

My educational beliefs for sound supervisory practices would include non-directive behaviors, some usage of directive informational and collaborative efforts. I would hope to engage participants in reflection, and inspire organizational and personal growth by building trust, creating openness, and overall respect. I always encourage everyone to take risk because there is no such thing as failure. Everything always creates results. Sometimes the results aren’t what you were hoping for. Therefore, everything and everyone is always creating results and should continue to learn and grow, because everything changes whether you want to or not. It’s your choice to change and grow to your fullest potential.